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[IP] Re: growth and type 1

The link got cut off and put on two lines - that
sometimes happens when links are shared...then, it
appears that it got morphed again somehow when you
quoted it and the </A> (html tag) got in between part
of the URL (wasn't that way in my original email, I
just checked) and it won't work like that. Here it is
again. If it is on 2 lines again you'll have to cut and
paste it into the browser (and leave out the html
tags). :) Anyhow...sorry that it didn't work. Hope this


PS...I later saw your post...thanks for the info! :)

Take care,

BarbaraB said:
>...at least thatis what our endo has told us why *he*
does it. Point


browsers here for more (just found this):<A


Hope this helps!<

Kerri, It might help if the link made a connection.
Want to revise that one? Also, see my earlier post for
additional links.

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