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[IP] beating up on each other All input is worthwhile Aspartame

 I'll be the first to apologize if my comments came across as beating up on
another person. If that is the case, I'm truly sorry.

 I was actually "beating up" the myth, not the person who reported it. Just as
diabetics have tried to dispel the "myths" of diabetes in the general population
(and, in many cases, among the medical staff as well), I was trying to dispel
other myths. I find it dangerous to allow such myths to persist...so the moment
it was mentioned, I felt inclined to let everyone, including the original
poster, that it is, indeed a myth.

 (As further follow up, it is TRUE that the article quoted as being from Nancy
Markle and Barbara Mullarkey are ACTUALLy written by a real person...one Betty
Martini...who believes everything in that letter. But, the things in that letter
have been shown to be falacy as well as complete misrepresentation of the
sources she quotes. The end result is that aspartame being bad for you is just a

 Anyhow, I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I came across as a "tough crowd".
That was not my intention. My ONLY intention was to not allow myths to persist.
:-) No ill will was EVER felt towards any person on this matter.


>Spot comments, yes, I've been beat up by the best of them :
>but, it never shuts me up erither,Ryan:
>We can't learn unless we are taught. Tough crowd? We do dispel hoaxes and
>untruths. I wouldn't want to be on a list where *anything/everything* posted
>was accepted as written. If someone knows better than I, I'll learn where
>I'm wrong.
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