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Re: [IP] Doubling insulin on hormonal teens

Hi Barbara,
When I went through some growth spurts, and other stuff a few years ago when
I was diagnosed, I had to increase both. There is that special formula to
see how much insulin you need in one day, so that is how you calculate. My
basals went up more than my boluses, but I think that YMMV. You have to sort
off "play" with it to see what actually works for your son. I know that in
women, any type of hormonal surge (ie. menstruation) can make your basals go
up significantly, but you never know when the hormonal stages are 'done' for
the moment. Have you talk to your son's endo about this?


> Its been said that during times of hormones or growth spurts
> in teens that their daily insulin can increase up to a point of
> actually doubling it.>

> My mind was viewing this as doubling the basils.    Then I
> got to wondering today if that also meant doubling the bolus
> amount for carbs and doubling the correction boluses?
> Or is it just the basils that are doubling?
> Sincerely,
> Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (13 1/2,  Dx 2/93, 508 2/02,
> Paradigm  8/16/02,  and now ANIMAS IR1000  3/18/03 ) --------and MaMa to
> Jennifer (21), Allison (18), and Rachel (7 1/2)
> Fenton, MO
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