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[IP] In re: diabetic cats, Insulins

Protamine, Zinc and Insulin was a product manufactured and used prior to NPH
which had a faster onset and did not last as long Lilly, Squibb and Welcome
all made it . It was used chiefly for type 2 diabetes. Protamine was protein
derived from salmon roe was added to the insulin along with a small amount of
zinc chloride. this caused the insulin protein to become virrtually insoluble
and turn into a white precipitate. Ity was the basis of NPH insulin, Neutral,
protamine Hagadorn The Insulin was neutral in Ph unlike Protamine, Zinc  which
was slightly acidic, There was no excess of Protamine The particles were
finer, absortption was faster.
Hard to get in the US since all insulins have been manufactured by rDNA
technology for years. When I was diagnosed I took PZI It left huge lumps, it
itched my friend vic, has a diabetic cat, Fred, when he needs insulin he'll
come over to vic and rub up against him. nibble on his fingers and tickle his
face with his whiskers.
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