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[IP] RE: Very Good!

  Thank you, Bonnie - I do try to give grace... probably because I need all
I can get! lol  We are all works in progress, yes?  Which means there's
hope, even for our "character flaws" ;-)

   -----Original Message-----
  From: Richardson, Bonnie C

  Dear Michelle,  (Danielle)
  Your response to Ryan was the epitome of diplomacy, tact and
graciousness.......I really admire that.
  Yeah, it can be a tuff crowd, but 99% are truly great folks, we just a bit
self righteous at times and we have very strong feelings about our pumps,
methods, etc.  I hope you contribute your opinions often.  Please don't
think I am being patronizing - it is just that I am incapable of such
finesse - my mouth always goes off before my brain is in gear.....lifetime
character defect!  Thanks again!
  Bonnie Richardson
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