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Re: [IP] T1 and growth stunting

>Re: [IP] T1 and growth stunting

I was dx'ed at the age of 7, and have never had an A1 lower than 10 in my 
entire life.  According to my meters, my weekly average bg is in the high 
200 to low 300 range.  At dx, I was tall for my age (I don't remember the 
exact height), and am now an "average" height of 5 1/2 ft.  There has never 
been any developmental delay of any type in my life.

If "uncontrolled" diabetes leads to short stature and developmental delays, 
then from the appearances of my bg's, I would be a prime candidate to 
support this theory.  Obviously, I'm not.

I don't honestly think there's anything to this besides luck of the genetic 

Weird "Then Again It Could Just Be Me" Jenn
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