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[IP] RE: stevia

Sorry Adele - I meant to add, I also have not seen any rise in BS due to the
use of stevia, nor does my hypoglycemic dd have any adverse effects, both of
which seem corroborated by the book info posted.  Stevia is *highly* sweet
(read: gross) if too much is used, so start *sparingly* - with far less than
you think you'd need.


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From: Danielle Simmons [mailto:email @ redacted]

Hi, Adele - I have used powdered stevia in lieu of artificial sweeteners in
very limited quantities, but have only tried it in non-cooked items.  Don't
know how it translates to baked goods, but works like a charm on grapefruit
and in chilled herbal teas - no complaints, either, from others in the
family who have used it in place of sugar.
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