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Re: [IP] T1 and growth stunting

And 64+ yrs ago we had even less than you did 30 yrs ago:)
How did I survive?  -- Pure LUCK!!
or maybe the 'Big Guy' just wanted to see what else I could screw up!

I've been told over the years that 'no matter what happened to me, happened
because I was a diabetic'  from broken arms to heart surgery,  they were
right!!!! in my cardiac rehab class of 20,  I was the only type 1  rest were
type 2,  ----- so that means that if you are a type 2, then get ready for
some bypass surgery:)

Dallas seems to be full of diabetics--- diagnosed and un diagnosed , look at
all the auto accidents, shootings, heart attacks, and other causes of deaths
that happen each day.
I'm really amazed at the number of 'diabetics' that are killed trying to
walk across Central Expressway,  (everyone knows you can only do that , if
you are from another planet)

type 1, diag 1940/41 , waiting for the next diabetic caused problem.
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