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Re: [IP] Re: Fiber and Carb Counting

This has been my experience also.  I pretty much ignore the fiber when
bolusing for carbs unless there is an unusually large amount of fiber, which
doesn't happen that often.  A dietician told my CDE that you should only
subtract the grams of fiber when they are over 5 and then only the
difference between the first 5 and the remainder.  According to that method,
for your tortilla with 8 grams, you would only subtract the difference of 5
and 8 from your total carb count, which would be 3.  But then I've read from
other sources (don't remember where) that you're supposed to subtract
anything over 4 or anything over 3.  Seems to be a lot of conflicting
information on this subject.


>  My experience is that I still have to count dietary fiber when bolusing
> carbs. Otherwise, I totally screw myself up.

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> My smart daughter recently pointed out that I should consider dietary
> when bolusing for carbohydrates. She pointed out that if a food item such
as a
> tortilla contains 24 grams of total carbohydrates with 8 grams of dietary
> fiber, I should only take enough insulin to cover 16 grams of
>  instead of the full 24. What is your experience considering fiber when
> bolusing?
> KAMcCord, Bay Area
> IDDM 31 years, Pumping MM508 3 years
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