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Re: [IP] T1 and growth stunting

Gail said,

>Are all poorly managed during puberty T1 diabetics significantly shorter 
than their expected growth pattern? ...>snip<  So, if there is a correlation 
 between the fact that I am not even 5'4" tall (not SHORT by insurance
and next to my sisters, either I am a midget or they are all giants = then my 
guess is it is DIABETES because that is the ONLY thing that I have that they 
don't (oh, besides being brilliant and beautiful). 

And, as feisty as ever!  Gosh, we are lucky you managed to hang around! (just 
kidding) ...There is a lot of info about this if anyone wants to check the 
references I posted, or look up their own resources. 

CAUTION! Rambling thoughts follow here:
I remember my first day as a nurse's aide volunteer. The first thing the 
 nursed taught me to do was those urine tests with the test tube, drops of water
and urine. Ah ha! real world chemistry!
It had an impact on me, since my mother had been recently diagnosed with Type 
2 (adult onset diabetes, in those days).
Amazing, that some people managed to survive on ONE shot of insulin per day. 
Yep! We sure do know more today about insulin action and chemistry, and blood 
glucose. Yes, it was the dark ages of diabetes care, but then again, in the 
 *real* dark ages, the diagnosis was made by tasting urine or watching it gather
flies and ants. No medication, no insulin...people died of complications. 
Children with diabetes starved to death, so there were no growth and stature 
issues to be concerned about. 

I think we are glad to know you here, no matter how tall or short you are!

Best regards, 
(5' 8" and shrinking as I get older)
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