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Re: [IP] help dog chewing tubing

  Dear Kristy,
       I have three dogs and found a few times when they were pups that they
each tried chewing on my tubing. It was there and they went for it! When I
found them chewing on it, I snapped their mouth and told them, "NO, No!" From
that time on, I kept the tubing unavailable for them to chew on although they
outgrew the desire and know now that chewing on my tubing is taboo.
      While Lucky is a pup, keep your pump under your clothes, or under the
covers while you sleep. It might be smart to keep a chewy toy of some kind
near you so that if the urge to chew is there, it will be for his toy!

    Hi, We got a Chihuahua puppy, I thought all was good until i saw him
   chewing my tubing I stopped him, but he somehow must have chewed some more
  our nap ... because I was feeling really  sick I checked sugar and was over
   500.. I covered it using the pump but then i was on my bed myself this time
   my pump fell out of my pocket when I reached the tubing to pull it up all I
  back was a little tubing and no pump. For the time being I have it in my bra
  does anyone know anything that will get them to stop chewing the tubing if I
  leave the pump out?     Thank you

  been pumping 4 years just never had a doggy o his name is Lucky :-)
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