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Re: [IP] help dog chewing tubing

You may want to try using Bitter Apple which is a chewing deterrent that you
can get from pet stores.  My sister used it to train her puppy not to chew
on things in the house and swears by it.  Apparently it has a nasty taste
that they really have an aversion to but is harmless.  You can also buy it
from pet stores online.


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Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 4:40 PM
Subject: [IP] help dog chewing tubing

>   Hi, We got a Chihuahua puppy, I thought all was good until i saw him
>  chewing my tubing I stopped him, but he somehow must have chewed some
> during
> our nap ... because I was feeling really  sick I checked sugar and was
>  500.. I covered it using the pump but then i was on my bed myself this
time and
>  my pump fell out of my pocket when I reached the tubing to pull it up all
I got
> back was a little tubing and no pump. For the time being I have it in my
> does anyone know anything that will get them to stop chewing the tubing if
> leave the pump out?     Thank you
> Kristy
> been pumping 4 years just never had a doggy o his name is Lucky :-)
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