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Re: [IP] My diabetic cat needs help!! (Long)


I'm not a doctor, but I work as a technician in a Cat Hospital.  My vet
starts out all newly-diagnosed diabetic cats on very small doses of insulin
and increases it carefully over time.  The general opinion is that you can't
have the same tight control with a cat's diabetes as you can your own.  The
biggest problem is that cats don't always eat on schedule, so fast-acting
insulin would be a problem in those situations.  When we run glucose curves
on cats in our clinic, they tend to have the same problems people do when
they're only on two shots a day - their blood sugars range anywhere from

It's my understanding that Lantus has not been approved for use in cats but
has been used in dogs, and it has something to do with their insulin
receptors and the insulin's ability to be effective (don't know the
technicals here).  There is a new insulin out on the market (actually an old
insulin that some of the veterans on the list may remember) called Protamine
Zinc that is being manufactured and marketed specifically for cats.  We
aren't using it in our clinic yet, but a rep from the company (don't
remember which one) came by with some info about it and it's supposed to
work better.  You may want to do a search on the internet.

Also, cats tend to be Type 2 and dogs tend to be Type 1 when it comes to
diabetes.  A low-carb diet consisting strictly of canned food for cats has
resulted in *significant* insulin dose reductions and weight loss for a lot
of cats.  There is even a special D/M food made by Purina to help with BG
control.  Dry food is very high in carbs because of the large amounts of
flour used to make it (it's essentially like eating cookies).

You can also use your own meter to test your cats BG by pricking the vein in
it's ear to get a drop of blood, which we all know is much more accurate
than the urine strips.

Good luck with your kitty.

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02

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Subject: [IP] My diabetic cat needs help!!

> Can anybody help me with figuring dosing for my diabetic cat?  The vet has
>  run four days of 2 hour test curves, and has put him on 1/2 unit of
humalin nph
> twice a day,  when he eats.  I tried to explain that it peaks in 6 to 8
>  hours, and that the rest of the time he is high. The 2 hour testing curve
> this.  She still insists that I should treat him with Humalin 1/2 unit
twice a
> day.  does anybody have any experience with this?  Thanks.
> Irwin
> email @ redacted
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