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[IP] Medicare as secondary insurer

) ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease aka Kidney failure/dialysis)
> Those are in the Medicare directory. For #'s 2&3 Medicare is the secondary
> insurer.

 I have Medicare and BCBS of MI. I was originally on Medicare as primary and
when I got married, my husband's BCBS was primary, but only for about 20 months.
If you have Medicare due to ESRD (which I have), Medicare takes over as primary
insurer after 30 months (coordination period). I tried everything I could to get
around this, but Medicare automatically takes back over as primary and makes a
mess of your other insurance carrier denying claims.

 If I could go without the Medicare I would, they pay for nothing and deny
claims that should be paid, and when they do pay, they do not pay enough.

T1 20 yrs
pumping since 3/01
ESRD 4+ yrs
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