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Re: [IP] LONG: having trouble with pump and 'folding' tubing


  HAve you tried a Wist-It waist band with pouch for pump.  It is made of 
 soft material and the waist band is soft, stretchy material with Velcro
Josh has a few of these.  The hub comes out at the side, horizontal so bend 
or sitting would not interfere with the tubing.  He is also on the Cozmo now 
 (Was H-Tron+) and has had no tubing problems at all. You can find these on line
at the Diabetes Mall  <A HREF="www.diabetesnet.com">www.diabetesnet.com</A>

They are washable and I have used liquid embroidery to write on the pouch 
 INSULIN PUMP NOVOLOG so an emergency person would know what it is if necessary.

mom to Joshua
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