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Re: [IP] Apartame

> That website you listed below contains contrived data. It is a hoax
> that has spread through the years. Guess what? There is NO SUCH PERSON
> as Barbara Mullarkey (Notice the play on the last name: It sounds like
> "malarkey"). It is also know that the Nancy Markle (again, notice the
> last name!) article is also a hoax. Both of these hoaxes were so well
> done, however (such as the citations to often ficticious research
> papers) that many people have clung to it as fact. Rest assured, it
> isn't true, never has been true, and never will be! Ryan

 IT IS TRUE (that both the "Malarky" and the "Markle" are alternate identities
for Betty
 Martini who has a book to sell about the "Monsanto Conspiracy" with the FDA and
 Multiple Schlerosis Society, who totally disavow anything written by her) ;>)

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