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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #583

Niveen Saleh <email @ redacted>

 Hello....I'm a 27 year old girl and have had diabetes for about 25 years. I
 problems because of the disease and I'm having a very hard time with
retinopathy in both eyes and I lost one of my eyes after an operation and
next one I'm losing it slowly. I'm having problems also with neuropathy in
legs and arms and starting to have high level of protein in the urine....my
HbA1c was most of the time 10.5, sometimes higher. I'm now on insulin
pump --
Minimed 508 about a year. Since that time my HbA1c went to 6.5. I'm eating
of the things that I like, I'm doing all my exercises, working hard at
work --
this really it helped me a lot.

Good for you that you are now using an insulin pump! I am 33 and have had
Type 1 since I was 8 years old.  I have been using the pump for five years,
and right before I started, I was starting to get retinopathy and had to
have laser surgery on both eyes.  Now that my b.s. is tightly controlled
this has reversed completely.  My eye doctor now sees absolutely no trace of
it whatsoever.  Hopefully the longer you use the pump, the more likely that
the damage in your eye will stop or hopefully reverse.  Good luck to you!

Lesly M.
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