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[IP] Apartame apologies to Ryan

Ryan - thanks for your sharing the hoax-nature of the site, and forgive my
obvious blunder - I did say to review with discernment.  I'm not seeking to
rain on anyone's parade, just to perhaps consider other choices, esp. where
growing children are concerned.  btw, dh has no medical issues, and the docs
said the only thing his hospitalization seems it could have been due to was
the huge intake of diet soda, though they never blamed the aspartame
specifically.  As I keep saying, we all make choices.  Drink the soda!
Enjoy it!  I'll stick with seltzer or water, if it's all the same to you.  I
never criticized anyone's choice to drink soda of any sort - just to
consider options.  Forgive my not knowing about the website hoax - again,
thanks for setting that straight... in no uncertain terms... from now to
eternity <g>  Back to your regularly scheduled programming... think I'll
just go back to lurking... tough crowd lol

Does your husband a phenylketonuric? There are warning labels on
aspartame-based products that they should do drink it. That doesn't make it
for anyone else. :-)
That website you listed below contains contrived data. It is a hoax that has
spread through the years. Guess what? There is NO SUCH PERSON as Barbara
Mullarkey (Notice the play on the last name: It sounds like "malarkey"). It
also know that the Nancy Markle (again, notice the last name!) article is
also a
hoax. Both of these hoaxes were so well done, however (such as the citations
often ficticious research papers) that many people have clung to it as fact.
Rest assured, it isn't true, never has been true, and never will be!
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