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Re: [IP] LONG: having trouble with pump and 'folding' tubing

> I have tried my pocket (pants) and the pump turns sideways and then the tube
> folds on the side of the pocket  (I have though of making all the pockets
> not so wide, but really am trying to avoid that, might want to put my hands
> in there some day)

Try making a small hole in the bottom of your pocket, you can use a
product like "fray-less" to keep the fabric from going all fringe-y.  (or
sew a button-hole, but that's a lot more work)  Put the pump in the
pocket, thread the tubing through the hole at the bottom, and then connect
it to your site.  now the tubing should be able to sit in a "straight
line" from the pump out the bottom of the pocket.


Jessica Marder
email @ redacted
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