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RE: [IP] My diabetic cat needs help!!

I have a diabetic dog and am part of a website that deals with diabetes in
pets. Vets have to know a little about a lot of things in different animals.
At the University of Illinois, vet school, they get less than 15 minutes of
classroom time on the subject of diabetes. I'm sure that explains some
things to you. When they look at curves they don't look at patterns and the
criteria for regulation of pets is different than for humans at this point
in time....they want to see 80% of the values under 300! It doesn't matter
if the animal is above the renal threshold most of the time.

As we both know, the NPH isn't covering the basal needs here and there are
other insulins that could be used, such as Lente and even Lantus. My vet was
able to get her hands on a study using Lantus in cats, but not dogs. If you
would like further information, please write to me off-list.


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Can anybody help me with figuring dosing for my diabetic cat?  The vet has
 run four days of 2 hour test curves, and has put him on 1/2 unit of humalin
twice a day,  when he eats.  I tried to explain that it peaks in 6 to 8
 hours, and that the rest of the time he is high. The 2 hour testing curve
this.  She still insists that I should treat him with Humalin 1/2 unit twice
day.  does anybody have any experience with this?  Thanks.

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