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Re: [IP] My diabetic cat needs help!!

>Can anybody help me with figuring dosing for my diabetic cat?  The vet has
>  run four days of 2 hour test curves, and has put him on 1/2 unit of 
>humalin nph
>twice a day,  when he eats.  I tried to explain that it peaks in 6 to 8
>  hours, and that the rest of the time he is high. The 2 hour testing 
>curve shows
>this.  She still insists that I should treat him with Humalin 1/2 unit twice a
>day.  does anybody have any experience with this?  Thanks.
>email @ redacted

No experience with a cat, but a diabetic Great Dane and Dwarf Hamster 
I do know about.  Tell the Vet that YCMMV, (so did the hamster's.) 
There comes a point where we as diabetics know a LOT more than vets 
and even docs.  So just take over and you can work it out.  I did 
with my hamster, you can with your cat!  Depending on the dose you 
work out, you may want to dilute the insulin.

George       :>)
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