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[IP] Re: T1 and growth stunting

it MAY be possible that better care (& understanding) of T1 diabetes today
has helped the younger crowd receive better care than some of us did back in
the dark ages VBG

the goals for BG levels was much higher, most didn't do home BG, and we were
told we wouldn't live very long, etc

I am not trying to start any serious warring, but the care I received when I
was first diagnosed was not healthy for a growing child      (the diet, high
fat/protein, no starches/sugar, few fruits and in my case meds that were
later pulled form US shelves for possibly stunting growth)


In today's world, with better care and BG levels, someone with T1 should
develop and mature just like their peers!!
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> I have to disagree with this informaiton.  I really dn't think T1 will
> one's growth.  Has this info been verified by the medical community.
> My son was dxd at age 5.5, is now almost 12 and is already pushing 5'3".
> dad and I are both very tall and Josh appears to be following suit.  I
> think his T1 is going to affect it at all.  Genetics play a big role in
> stature.
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