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Re: [IP] BK Breakfast meal

On Wednesday, October 15, 2003,  email @ redacted wrote:

>  Anyhow, I know fat can (though not always nor by a lot) delay 
> digestion...but it cannot ADD to your insulin requirements.

Ryan, I also mull this kind of thing over a lot <gr.>.  I, like you 
with the BK croissandwich, find I consistently need almost as much 
insulin in an extended bolus after a very high fat meal as I need to 
cover the carbs with the meal.  So my guess is the difference in your 
response to the BK croissandwich vs. your response to the McD egg 
mcmuffin is related to the fat (41g vs. 12 g.).  There are other ways 
than being converted to glucose by which fat could raise your insulin 
requirements.  I have been speculating that a large amount of fat (and 
what would constitute such an amount might vary from person to person, 
or even from occasion to occasion for one individual) might be in some 
way be making one less sensitive to insulin.  I am skeptical of an 
adrenaline connection, because of my own very reduced adrenaline 
response.  Perhaps  through a mechanism related to hydration in the 
digestive tract?  If I didn't have so many variables going right now, I 
might try seeing if there might even be a slight weight difference 
(from fluid retention) going on.

But my physiology textbooks always told me that fat CAN be converted 
into glucose (via gluconeogenesis), and presumably would be, if all or 
most of what you were eating was fat.  With the diet most of us eat, 
the proportion converted into glucose is probably usually pretty 
negligible.  When I was in tighter control than I am now :-(, I spent 
some time one winter experimenting, and was able to measure a 
consistent moderate rise in glucose some 8-10 hours later (I have some 
gastroparesis) from ingestion of fat in the form of nuts (I bolused for 
the carb in the nuts right away).

If I eat the high fat meal in the evening, the need for extra insulin 
continues throughout the night.

Linda Z
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