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Re: [IP] Aspartame


 Does your husband a phenylketonuric? There are warning labels on
aspartame-based products that they should do drink it. That doesn't make it bad
for anyone else. :-)

 That website you listed below contains contrived data. It is a hoax that has
spread through the years. Guess what? There is NO SUCH PERSON as Barbara
Mullarkey (Notice the play on the last name: It sounds like "malarkey"). It is
also know that the Nancy Markle (again, notice the last name!) article is also a
hoax. Both of these hoaxes were so well done, however (such as the citations to
often ficticious research papers) that many people have clung to it as fact.

Rest assured, it isn't true, never has been true, and never will be!


>Jan, you are welcome to use aspartame under its various trade names - we all
>make choices, as I said earlier.  However, having been one of the study
>group testing Nutra Sweet in the 80's (a not too reliable study group, I
>might add, for various reasons), and dh having been hospitalized one summer
>after drinking large quantities of diet soda, I'd just say caveat emptor,
>esp. when concerning anything with the FDA.
>fwiw, and with discernment:
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