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[IP] Re: Insulin in pumps

>>>According to what I have been able to find out Novolog works better in
and can make the sites last longer.>>>

Novolog is FDA approved for pumps, as well as Velosulin, but Regular or
Humalog works well, too, without FDA approval. I think it's someone's
opinion and many's experience about the sites. We have pumpers on this list
who have been pumping since '76 and Novolog is only about 2 yrs old. I think
mostly it's a YMMV thingy - some can tolerate Humalog, some can tolerate
Novolog and some can tolerate both. In my case I see no reason to upset the
apple cart and try something else just cuz it's something else. Humalog has
been working for me for 4 years now. Previous to that it was Regular, then
Velosulin, the Velosulin Human, then Velosulin Human BR. I have been pumping
20+ years.

Here is the difference Michael has given us:
Humalog and Novolog aka NovoRapid in the EU, are insulin analogs (lantus is
also an insulin analog). This means that they are not really insulin at all.
Their molecular structure has been altered somewhat to facilitate rapid

All modern insulins and insulin analogs are what is called "human" insulin.
That means that they are replications of human insulin
reproduced by recombinant DNA technology. In plain English, the insulin is
reproduced by bacteria in a vat. Insulin and insulin analogs are comprised
of very long chains of molecules.

The insulin analogs are essentially identical to "real" insulin except that
one (Novlog) or two (Humalog) of the molecules have been moved or replaced.

In Humalog the amino acids at positions 28(lys) and 29(pro) on the insulin B
chain are reversed. In Novolog/NovoRapid, the amino acid proline in position
28 of the insulin B chain is replace with a molecule of aspartic.


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