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[IP] aspartame research......cancer.....old age

You know, I finally got tired of reading about all that is good for you, bad 
for you stuff. 

Yes, the incidence of cancer and other health woes has increased over the 
 years. Well, ya know what? So has the life span of humans, so it stands to
that there are increased amounts of disease. (Don't we trade in our cars 
every so often, due to increasing mechanical failure?)

I think, (as you know YMMV), that we all react differently to different 
 things. There are those, such as my grandmother, who has eaten bacon, eggs
in the drippings, biscuits all her life for breakfast.... she is in her late 
 80's, & still kicking enough to drive me nuts when she visits (though I love
dearly regardless). There are those, who have heart conditions, high 
 cholesterol and such from their teens. Those that tolerate some foods,and are
allergic to others. There are healthy meal choices, that can seem not so 
 healthy when you take a look at the nutrional values....granola bar vs hersheys
 chocolate plain.....I'll take the chocolate, though at times I would choose the
granola, depending on mood. 

Basically, if I get cancer from Diet drinks, then so be it. I can not/ WILL 
not go around spending the time in my life worrying about it. I do not smoke, 
drink, do coffee, or unprescribed drugs, etc. (and if you do, that is your 
 choice). Regular soft drinks do not react well with MY body. I choose not to
them. I ENJOY diet soft drinks, therefore, I will drink them. That is my 
choice. If they don't cause cancer, or other ills, something else in my life 
probably will, be it cell phones, tv's, computers, fumes from the paint or 
 carpetining in my apartment, or from driving behind that big truck yesterday.
should do what we can, to protect ourselves, within reason, but I would rather 
 spend my energy reading to a child, rather than worrying about such things. I
born. I will die. I will do my best to live as long, and as fruitfully as I 
can, but I won't sweat the small things. I am not going to purposefully do 
harmful things, like stand in the middle of the interstate or on the railroad 
 tracks. But just living can cause death.....(person killed recently sleeping in
when gun discharged in apartment above, going through floor into apt below, 
killing sleeping occupant). Do we not take a large risk every time we 
 drive....go hiking (bears), rock climbing, scuba diving, living in Kansas
on the coast (hurricanes), earthquakes, etc. 

Make YOUR choice about what you want to eat/drink, then enjoy life. We can' 
protect ourselves from everything, and I am not going to try...as I would have 
to live a very protected life then.
(Besides, regular coke has just as many food colorings as diet plus a lot of 
calories, which with my sluggish, non existant metabolism, would do a lot more 
harm than good, and yes, I like fizzy water with lemon/lime as well as plain 
Make a choice..... worry and spend time on reading the woes of all the "bad" 
things or hug a child and spend time reading to them?

Footnote: research IS good. Just what you plan to do with the knowledge is 
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