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Re: [IP] BD LOGIC: 36 E-3S - It's the Strips

That seems odd, since I used several different strips from different vials
and the kept coming up E-3 until I they sent me a new monitor. I've used
several different vial with this one too and things have been pretty good. I
just couldn't give up my bolus wizard, it helps so much!
----- Original Message ----- >
>  You would think that with all the problems that BD is having with the
> BD
>  Logic BG monitors that the guys in the engineering department would
> get
>  busy. I've heard this E-3 problem over and over again. I myself had
> 20
>  E-3's in a week. I didn't have the patience to wait a month. They
> have
>  already sent me a new machine but acted like this was a isolated
> case.
>  Remember we are the Guinea pigs for the link and I'm hoping that they
> will
>  keep improving things. Although, my new machine has only given me
> about 3
>  E-3's in 3 weeks. I know that it is really touchy compared to the One
> Touch
>  Ultra. Make sure that you are letting the strip suck up the blood
> sample and
>  not putting your finger too close the the strip, as soon as the
> monitor
>  beeps take the sample away from the test strip. Hope that makes
> sense. Maybe
> they will get it down to a better science soon.
>  > Today I called BD to tell them of the 36 E-3s I have had in the
> month of
>  > October. The rep had me test both machines with the test solution.
> I got
> an
>  > E-3 on one of them. That made 37 for the 14 days this month. They
> are
>  > sending me a new meter tomorrow. I did test later with the "good"
> machine
> and
> > did
> >g
>  I have had so many problems with E-3's that I had an engineer take
> apart everything and determined what the problem is. It is in the
> strips and specifically with the second sensor on the test strips in
> many cases. He took apart several strips from different vials and
> found consistent manufacturing errors. I'm not using my BD Logic until
> things get straightened out.
> Denise
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