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Re: [IP] BG Cases as billfold

Donny hi,
I went and bought myself a large size bible cover/carrier. It holds spare
needles, insulin, meter, strips, pricker, sof-serter, infusion sets,
batteries, different tapes, alcohol swabs, IVprep, tums, extra key to my
van, and it would hold my cell phone too if I wanted. The only thing I don't
like is the handles are too short. I would like something that slings over
my shoulder with my purse.
Well its an idea and it works for me
Good luck in your search.
Veronica (long for Roni)
pumping since 4/35/2003 cozmo and love it. Life is so much better.
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Subject: [IP] BG Cases as billfold

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> Has anyone found a case for their BG machine that will work as a
> billfold as well. I carry so much stuff with me (BG case, glucose
>  tablets, billfold, keys, etc...) that I am trying to cut down on it
> all.
> I am thinking about putting my billfold stuff in my bg case and just
>  using it as both. Any success with this or custom cases out there
> that
> will work? I use the One Touch UltraSmart now but may be using the BD
>  Logic with the 512 very soon. Any suggestions will be gladly
> accepted.
> Either email or post here.
> Thanks,
> Donny
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