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Re: [IP] Re: Anyone have Medicare as a 2nd insurer?

In a message dated 10/15/2003 10:00:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 > When you reach the golden 65, Medicare should become your main
 > (least here in Texas it does) Medicare will then 'rent' you a pump
and cover
 > 80% of ALL supplies, -- That includes insulin---. If you havea
 > supplement (i.e. AARP) it will pick up the additional 20%. ----
There are a
> few advantages of getting old:)
 > At the end of 4 years, the pump is yours and the supplies are still
 > ( Guess that if you drop dead during the 4 yrs, Medicare is not
left holding
 > a bunch of pumps!!!! OR!!! maybe Medicare 'thinks' you will die and
> need a pump in 4 yrs??????  :)
> Either way it is a pretty good deal.
> don
> I got my first pump, MM 511, in Aug this year,

  I got the first pump on Medicare. The law went into effect 4/30/00.
 started my h-tron 5/7/00I was told that I got the first pump on
Medicare. I have
 BC/BS as a secondary insurance. I am out of Polaroid on LTD and now
on a Cobra.
 My Cobra ends this DEC, so I will get the Medex Gold to cover my
scripts. I am
 not sure in other States, but in the republic of taxachussets
Medicare is
 first and all other plans are secondary. I will look at what pumps
are of interest
 to me after 5/7/04. I have good luck with Disetronic, and was updated
 h-tron to d-tron and now d-tron +. I have been told they are building
a new
 plant in USA. If they do not have a new generation pump I will look
at the Cozmo
  Roger C (dx 12/1/47 pm 5/7/00) still dragging my hockey puck in tow
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