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RE: [IP] coke

 Pepsi One is a diet Pepsi, but it isn't Diet Pepsi. Pepsi one is
sweetened with Acesulfame-K and Aspartame, whereas Diet Pepsi is just
sweetened with Aspartame. Acesulfame-K tastes more like real sugar
than Aspartame, so a lot of people prefer it.

 As far as why Pepsi One is testing positive...it contains no
carbs...but it is possible that Acesulfame-K reacts with the chemicals
in the testing strip in a similar way that sugar does. (Remember,
those strips only expect those things found in urine, not cola!)


 > Tea, I just checked my diet pepsi and the can says zero carbs. I
 > tested it and it tested negative on the strips, brand new strips
>you talking about regular Pepsi or diet?
 > My big problem that day was a bottle of root beer and though it
>>diet on
> the bottle and zero carbs, it either wasn't or I threw a nice
>reaction to the "whatever" root it is made from....:)
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