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RE: [IP] coke

 Tea, I just checked my diet pepsi and the can says zero carbs. I also
 tested it and it tested negative on the strips, brand new strips too.
you talking about regular Pepsi or diet?
 My big problem that day was a bottle of root beer and though it said
diet on
 the bottle and zero carbs, it either wasn't or I threw a nice
reaction to the "whatever" root it is made from....:)


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 At a support group I found out that Pepsi one is not suppose to have
 carbs in it but if you use a test strip to check it it says it does.

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  >My husband and I stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and I
 >so I ordered a diet rootbeer. I checked the bottle and it did say
diet on it
>so I drank it. Guess what happened?
>It couldn't have been diet, just couldn't have been...
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>Subject: [IP] coke
>I'm not really that surprised that people often give regular drinks
>instead of diet.  I still cringe with fear sometimes when I take the
  >first sip. I have been drinking diet so long I don't know if I
>recognize the difference.  Using the keytone strips and or meter was
>very insiteful advice.  Thanks.  I just wanted to ask if anyone has
 >ever had the problem of the old switcheroo when drinking directly
>the coke can or bottle?
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