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Re: [IP] Jr Hi Dance - aspartame research


 I hate to break it to you...but the "Desert Storm illness" scenario
is nothing but an urban legend...and a thoroughly discredited one at

 In fact, EVERY negative effect of aspartame on the body that has been
claimed over the years have each been discredited through years of
research. As it turns out, aspartame is associated with NO ill side
effects. THe only POSSIBLE ill side effect was that one study showed
an elevated risk of short-term memory loss that was only around if
consuming a lot of aspartame and only while consuming it. It was not a
permanent effect. And, furthermore, even that one study is not
supported by other studies.

 Please do NOT continue to spread the now DISPROVEN claim that
aspartame causes a bunch of health problems. It just isn't true!!!

 (I suggest going to http://www.snopes.com/toxins/aspartame.asp for
more information.)


>To all,
 >As I get the digest, this might have been explained by this point,
 >aspartame DOES turn to formaldehyde at around 85 degrees, which
 >when hitting one's 98.6 degree body... This process is what caused
 >Desert Storm illnesses - Diet Coke sitting on a tarmac in the sun...
 >you might find the following compelling evidence. Personally, I
chose to
 >continue to use saccharine even after it was said to be
cancer-causing - we
 >all make choices, yes? Aspartame, however, seems to have
ramifications on
>multiple levels.
 >As for the Jr Hi Dance - how about seltzer with lime or lemon? Or
 >bottled water, which seems all the rage lately. "Must" it be diet
>Just my .02 worth...
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