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Re: [IP] Jr Hi Dance - aspartame research

 >>> <snip> Diet soda does NOT cause cancer, that is absurd. In fact,
I would
bet if we all, as a society,
 went diet, our life spans would increase (cancer causing chemicals
and all).

Danielle added:
 > <snip> aspartame DOES turn to formaldehyde at around 85 degrees,
 includes when hitting one's 98.6 degree body... This process is what
 the Desert Storm illnesses - Diet Coke sitting on a tarmac in the
 Personally, I chose to continue to use saccharine even after it was
said to
 be cancer-causing - we all make choices, yes? Aspartame, however,
seems to
have ramifications on multiple levels.>

Please check also:

 I will continue to use Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet, NatraTaste,
etc.) with
gusto! Please pass the gusto with Aspartame. YMMV

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 You can use statistics to prove anything that's remotely true - 63%
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