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Re: [IP] coke

 Well, for me, just a tiny sip of regular coke and I'm going "blech!"
But, here is a tip...you can tell the difference between regular and
diet without ever tasting it!

 The sugar molecules in regular soda (pop, for us in the midwest!) are
sticky, and so the fizz that forms sticks around alot longer and looks
lighter. When diet soda (pop) comes out of the fountain, the fizz
dissipates very quickly.

 So, when you are handed a cup where you can still see the fizz, you
can pretty much bet it is regular. If there isn't any fizz, then shake
the cup gently to form some fizz. If none forms...or very little, then
it is diet. Regular will fizz, and the fizz will stick around longer.

 Just a helpful tip!!! (I use this technique everytime I stop at a
fast food place because they make mistakes so often.)


 >You know I ate when I'm out and order diet coke, I have a hard time
 > difference especially if it comes out of the fountain, I have to
ask my >husband
>to do a taste test.
 >So I sometimes just order unsweetened tea, and I have to remember to
 >that. Because once, I added the equal and drank away, and thought
wow this is
>really sweet.  Well, you know it was the regular tea.
 >So I don't know, we just have to be careful, and hang in there,
 > happen. But I rather have the diet drinks, so I don't have to bolus
so much. I
 >rather same all the extra bolusing for the double fudge cake or
cheesecake, or
>the double shot margarita.  Okay.  Sorry, just having fun.
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