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[IP] Re: questions about surgery

I had cataract surgery last year when I was doing shots.  However I was
doing Lantus once a day and meal time shots so it is different.  It
scared me to death to not be able to eat for the 8 hours that was
required fasting before the surgery.  I ate supper at the latest
possible time and then checked my sugar to see how it had landed after
eating, in case I needed to snack before going to bed at midnight.  I
think I tried to go to sleep with a 160 or something so it would be
normal in the morning.  It was in the normal range in the morning but I
don't remember what exactly.  By the time the surgery was supposed to
start I checked it again because I was starting to feel low.  Sure
enough I was.  I popped in some candy and the nurse told me to just
suck on it slowly.

I was on a clear liquid diet until 4 hours before the fast. 
Technically you can dissolve candy or sugar in hot water and it is
clear.  Of course they didn't tell me that.  That was my own
justification.  It might be worth asking about.

Aren't those guidelines more just suggestions to keep you from feeling


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