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[IP] Kelly


I thought of something else, in case the doctor hasn't mentioned it yet,
often with T1 diabeasties, there is a year or so where everything is screwy,
until the pancreas completely quits working...I was dx ed, took shots for
months, then took oral meds for 3 months, then the D hit with a wallop,
because the pancreas had been doing its last fling thing...I have heard this
referred to as a 'honeymoon' period...it seems like the D has gone away, but
it returns, and it is for good, andusually more stable then, than it was at
first as the pancreas production is sporadic (little to nothing, but uneven
for many)

My mom suffered through this greatly, and I recall that today, I honestly
felt that she had some inner feeling that things were getting better, then
when the end (of insulin!) got there, she was very sad, like it was finally
true, I had diabetes...we all know that parents suffer more than the kids in
many situations, but, that is part of being a parent :)  <as I know, now hat
I have kids of my own...and I wonder why my parents even let me live, I was
a hellion on wheels>

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