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[IP] weird no delivery alarms (sorry, long)

Hi Everyone,

 I've been using a MM 508 for nearly 4 years now, and the last few days have had
no delivery alarms that seem very odd.

 It started 2 days ago in the middle of the night. I had a relatively new set
in, and got a no delivery several times while I was sleeping. I checked that my
tubing looked OK, and was able to clear the alarm. Previously when my cannula
has been blocked/crimped, I've been unable to clear the alarm w/o changing the
site. The other weird thing is my bg didn't go above 130, and when I've had no
deliveries before, my bg has been VERY high (by the time the pump detects the
blockage all the way down at the cannula, I've missed a lot of insulin.) After
the 3rd alarm, I changed my set at about 4 am.

 Then the following night (well, actually about 4:30 yesterday morning), the
same thing happened. Couldn't see a problem w/ tubing, and bg hadn't gone above
130. Later in the morning while I was at work, I got another alarm, which I was
able to clear. Called MM and ran all the diagnostics, and was told it was a
"user problem," i.e. not the pump, reservior, or tubing. I then cleaned my lead
screw really well since it was pretty gunky and I thought that might be a
logical cause.

 This morning, right on schedule at 4:30 am, the same thing happened. So I
changed out everything, insulin, reservoir, tubing, and site.

 I still don't think it was my sites, since they looked fine when I pulled them
out, and my bg didn't go above 130. The only other factors are that my tubing
was an odd color, kind of a greyish tinge instead of clear, and I'm 7 mos
pregnant. Wondering if I'm getting heavy enough that I'm squishing my tubing
when I lie on it just the right way? MM says they haven't changed the tubing,
but I am on a new box from Merk/Medco.

 Anyone have any good guesses about what's going on? I'm getting kinda grumpy
about this! Sleep is hard enough to come by when your 7 mos pregnant! By the
way, I'm using sils.

Thank you,
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