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Re: [IP] BK Breakfast meal

 This e-mail I sent a couple days ago, but it bounced from the IP server, so I'm
sending it again! (See below.)


>In a message dated 10/13/2003 8:04:22 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes: 
>> I was curious if anyone else has noticed that some of the breakfast meals 
>> at
>> Burger King (and likely others) affect the BGL in odd ways.
>> I frequently get a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant sandwich with hash 
>> browns
>> and a Diet Coke. The carbs advertised in the hash browns is 19 (although, 
>> this
>> can vary greatly because they never have the same amount) and the sandwich 
>> is
>> something like 28. 20 grams of protein.
>My one thought is that these items are ALL high in fat (love those hash 
> browns though.....). Likely the fat is delaying digestion....so the square 
> would be the way to go. Could be that you are not going low to begin with as
>soda might be actually mixed with a little regular...and if you have ketchup 
 >with those taters, there is sugar in there, so you don't end up low, just high
>later. Of course, YMMV. 
>Tina H.

Unfortunately, none of that actually makes any sense.  

Fat does nothing to affect BGLs directly, other than potentially delaying 
 digestion. If that were the case, then the carbohydrates I calculated should be
what I bolus for, but using a square wave.  I'm talking that I need almost 
DOUBLE the insulin total that what the carbs are for.  For example, for the 
 sandwich and hash browns, it works out to about 5.0 units to cover the carbs. 3
hours later, I'll need 4+ extra units of insulin.  I would have estimated my 
carbs off by at least 40 grams.

 So, when I do the same test without hash browns (which is the variable), I give
about 3 units of insulin to cover the croissant...but still need the same 4+ 
 units later. If it was merely fat slowing digestion, then I would experience a

As far as ketchup and soda...I don't use ketchup on my hash browns, plus this 
 doesn't factor into things when I'm talking about without hash browns. Second,
 I can detect even the faintest "regular" soda mixed in with diet. I can't STAND
 the taste of regular soda, even in minute quantities. Plus, you can always tell
if there is regular mixed in due to the way the soda "fizzes".  

 Anyhow, the problem is something to do with the sandwich itself, which is
to both the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit as well as the sausage, egg, and 
cheese croissant.  If I don't have the hash browns, the problem still 
 happens...but I don't see the problem if I have just the hash browns. (There is
always the issue with the size varying in hash browns, which is why I have 
tested without eating them.)

 Anyhow, I know fat can (though not always nor by a lot) delay digestion...but
cannot ADD to your insulin requirements.  Even if you figure that 100% of the 
protein converts to glucose (which is not typical), that only accounts for 2 
units of extra insulin, not 4+.  So, I see some kind of glucagon effect 
 occurring here...but it is really difficult to say for sure what is the cause.
Could it be that sausage and bacon, both being high fat pork foods, are the 
problem?  (Pepperoni on pizza, too, is pork, isn't it?) Perhaps these have 
something that trigger the glucagon.  Or, maybe it is the egg?  But, the odd 
thing is I don't experience the same thing with an Egg McMuffin meal from 
McDonalds...and the Canadian bacon on that is still pork, though much lower in 

Very bizzare!

Still looking for answers,

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