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[IP] Flex Spending & Payment Question

 I'm using the Flex Spending for out of pocket expenses, scheduled $1,000 for
this year and found that I had used that much by April so scheduling $2,500 for
next year.

 I am a little confused on my pump cost ... and my husband is telling me to keep
quiet and wait to see what happens, so can't ask the insurance or pump company
yet. I was quoted that after the dust settled and insurance paid their 80% my
part would be $1,100 and they would set up payments and send me monthly bills
and I would get papers to sign. I said, "Ok." The insurance company sent papers
saying that they had paid their part and that I may owe $785 but that as far as
they were concerned the bill was paid in full. I have received no bill or
finance papers to sign from the pump company and I have had the pump over a
month now. My trainer has not mentioned it at all and I have talked to her
almost daily. What do you guys think? Should I call and ask?

Rhonda & Pough (Blue Animas)

Jessica Elena Marder <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> I was told yesterday that my son's doctor has approved his pump. We are now
>> on a list waiting for the next shipment of Cozmo's to arrive and for our CDE
>> to be trained in its use. I am both nervous and excited. I am so glad to be
>> doing this for my son but worry about the cost. Our insurance has claimed
>> that our type of coverage does not include pumps or supplies so we are
>> looking at having to cover all costs out of our pocket. On one income the
>> pockets aren't deep but you do what you have to do to give your child the
>> best possible care.
>Congratulations to you and your son!  I don't know if there is a similar
>system in Canada, but in the US you can use what is called a "Flexible
>Spending Account" to put pre-tax money asside to pay for dependant care,
>or medical expenses.  Then, throughout the year you can be
>"reimbursed" from this account for any acceptable expenses.  Certainly any
>treatment prescribed by a doctor will qualify.  There's only one hitch,
>you have to decide, at the beginning of the calendar year how much money
>to put in the account.  If that money isn't spent by the end of the year,
>it vanishes into the government's pockets.  However, for those of us with
>chronic conditions, it's fairly easy to determine the annual cost of
>supplies, and then tack on some "extra" for things that may be unexpected.
>Jessica Marder
>email @ redacted
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