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Re: [IP] driving with low blood sugar

For some reason if I'm running errands, my BG tends to drop.  I don't
understand why pushing a shopping cart around the grocery store and stopping
off at the post office and the dry cleaners on the way has this effect more
than cleaning my house, but it does.  I always test right before leaving the
house and again between stops if I've been out driving for more than a half
an hour, especially if my BG started in a good range (85-110).  If I had
tested at 88 before driving, I would have eaten some candy, because
experience has taught me that I'll be dropping some more in the next hour if
I'm going to be running errands.  I always test right before driving....even
if I've tested for some other reason 45 minutes before.  As you are now
aware, too much can happen in 45 minutes to not test again.


> I tested my BG about 45 min. before we
> left - was at 88 and we proceeded home. He quickly was napping. I, on
> the other hand, awoke in the back of an ambulance, near our home, with a
> glucose IV in my arm. I had stopped at a traffic light, put on the
> emergency brake and dozed off. I don't remember the last 10 miles of the
> trip.
> I do understand how this could have happened, lots of running around,
> not enough to eat, etc.
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