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Re: [IP] BK Breakfast meal

Actually its the high fat content that is slowing down the digestion
process. Taking a normal bolus for this will not
cover the carbs that come in after the bolus is gone.

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Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 6:44 PM
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> The high fat content is slowing down the insulin absorption, or not
> it to absorb completely, sort of blocking it.  A sausage, egg and cheese
> croissant sandwich is only 25 cho, but 600 calories and 46 grams of fat.
> book doesn't show the protein content.
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>  I was curious if anyone else has noticed that some of the breakfast meals
> at
> Burger King (and likely others) affect the BGL in odd ways.
>  I frequently get a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant sandwich with hash
> browns
> and a Diet Coke. The carbs advertised in the hash browns is 19 (although,
> this
> can vary greatly because they never have the same amount) and the sandwich
> is
> something like 28. 20 grams of protein.
>  Anyhow, I give my normal bolus for this, and 3 hours later, my BGL is
> extremely
> high (nearing 300). My first thought was it was the variability in the
> browns, so I tried just having the sandwich (adjusting my bolus
> accordingly).
> Sure enough...3 hours later, it is still high. I usually have to bolus an
> additional 4+ units.
>  So, I decided to square wave for the protein. But, this, under normal
> circumstances, would only be 1 extra unit (using roughly half of the
> protein).
> Trying this, I still need a 3+ unit bolus 3 hours later. I then tried a
> different sandwich...their Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bisquit. Same thing!
>  I finally determined that if I give my normal bolus plus a Square wave of
> about
> 3 units, my 3-hour post-meal is close to normal.
>  So, my question is, has anyone else noticed this type of problem? Perhaps
> this
> is a case of the protein inducing the amino-acid arginine or something
> similar?
> I can't figure out what else could be that variable. There is no way the
> croissant could be over double the advertised carb content...it's just not
> that
> big. It is behaving just like pizza...with the exception that, unlike
> the
> serving size of this sandwich is almost exactly the same everytime.
> Ryan
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