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Re: [IP] BD LOGIC: 36 E-3S

You would think that with all the problems that BD is having with the BD
Logic BG monitors that the guys in the engineering department would get
busy. I've heard this E-3 problem over and over again.  I myself had 20
E-3's in a week. I didn't have the patience to wait a month. They have
already sent me a new machine but acted like this was a isolated case.
Remember we are the Guinea pigs for the link and I'm hoping that they will
keep improving things. Although, my new machine has only given me about 3
E-3's in 3 weeks. I know that it is really touchy compared to the One Touch
Ultra. Make sure that you are letting the strip suck up the blood sample and
not putting your finger too close the the strip, as soon as the monitor
beeps take the sample away from the test strip. Hope that makes sense. Maybe
they will get it down to a better science soon.

> Today I called BD to tell them of the 36 E-3s I have had in the month of
>  October. The rep had me test both machines with the test solution. I got
> E-3 on one of them.   That made 37 for the 14 days this month.   They are
>  sending me a new meter tomorrow. I did test later with the "good" machine
> did
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