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[IP] questions about surgery

still on 2 shots a day of I believe NPH and humalog
at breakfast and dinner time.  Apparently mom's having a hard time getting

 When I was on MDI, the day of surgery, I usually did not give my morning dose
of NPH, and depending on what my sugars were pre-surgery, they would give 25-50%
of my normal dose - just to make sure I didn't go sky high during surgery. They
are usually pretty good about checking BG's when you are a diabetic having
surgery (at least I have never had a problem with them chjecking my BG's). Just
make sure to have him tell them he needs his BG checked every 2-3 hours (if not
every hour) until he comes out of recovery and is able to eat, and even then,
depending on what type of asasthesia he is having, he may not get his appetite
back for a few days,

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