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[IP] Re: questions about surgery

are we related?  MY brother is 40, has had diabeasties since age 18 and is
takign 2 shots of long acting insulin a day, too

nothing is gonna change until the patient wants it to change (I know, that
is why, after 35 yrs with IDDM, i am just now getting on a pummp)

----- Original Message ----- 

> This has nothing to do with pumps- if my stubborn brother would get one
> I told him to we wouldn't have this problem- but maybe you can help.  He
> to have some type of surgery and they told him to fast from midnight the
> night before until after surgery, which is at 11am.  He is type 1, 18
> old and always eating, still on 2 shots a day of I believe NPH and humalog
> at breakfast and dinner time.  Apparently mom's having a hard time getting
> in touch with his endo to get advice and anyway I personally think his
> is an idiot, so I'm hoping maybe some of you have been there and can give
> some tips?  Thanks.
> Julie
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