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[IP] Re:[ip]Driving with low blood sugar

Just a note to reply to the post about driving with low bg.Just last week when
I was on my way home and got off the interstate @ my exit I saw black smoke
and flames shooting at least 50 feet inthe air. To make a long story short. A
50 plus year old man had low bg while driving, took out several street signs
crossed over both sides of a four lane very busy road several times before the
truck he was driving riped through an 8 foot fence, and hit a fueling depot @
a mobil commerical fueling Co.. This set off a fire that burned for about 4
hours. He was able to get away unharmed, but took away the livleyhood for
about 40 people until they can clean up the mess and rebuiled what was
damaged.This opened my eyes and I am alot more careful when I drive.Phil Davis
Rock Hill sc
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