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[IP] Re: driving with low blood sugar

PTL is right, I pulled that same trick, and DI DNOT STOP, but had a capable
teen (daughter) in the seat next to me who pulled the emerg brake on, before
I pulled out into a busy intersection......I don't know the details, but DO
know that I probably let the clutch out and killed it, or the brake would
not have stopped it, nor would she have known to pull the stick out of gear
(she was not yet driving)

we , each , have to able careful and determine our own needs, whatever they
might be!!!

this was a wake up call to me, I felt like a lowering coming on, was heading
home, but should have called hubby to drive the mile to rescue me...but my
sense of pride and 'I can do it' nearly got 3 of us killed an could very
well have hurt others, as well

like I said, it was a wake up call to me (to take snack/sugar along, to
test, and to ask for help, accept help)


> > I tested my BG about 45 min. before we
> > left - was at 88 and we proceeded home. He quickly was napping. I, on
> > the other hand, awoke in the back of an ambulance, near our home, with a
> > glucose IV in my arm. I had stopped at a traffic light, put on the
> > emergency brake and dozed off. I don't remember the last 10 miles of the
> > trip. <snip>  Any tips from parents, with diabetes, re: how to
> > prepare kids for what might happen, how to not put a small kid in the
> > position I did (driving or not). Thanks
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