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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-HELP NEEDED digest V7 #577

Dear Amy,
    I want to answer your question for everyone. MiniMed does NOT help people
who have been on the insulin pump regardless of how long we have been
supporting them by purchasing Mini Med Pumps and supplies. I was quite
disappointed. I have no insurance and am desperately trying to find a way to
get my Silhouette Sets 43' especially and other supplies that I need. I am on
a very limited disability income.
    I did find that Charles Ray and his organization will accept a letter from
you with regard to what your needs are for pump supplies along with a letter
from your doctor stating that she/he is aware of your lack of insurance
situation. www.charlesray.g12.com to read about the group. IF they have
funding, they may be able to help with supplies.
    Amy, let all of us know exactly what you are in need of.  What kind of
infusion set do you use? Are you out of reservoirs? I may even have some
supplies that I can help you with. Let us know! Take Care!
Blessings, Katarina

Original Message:
 Does anybody out there know if Medtronic Minimed helps with Financial
Problems? I am currently on an insulin pump, MM 508 and cannot afford my
bill from 3 months ago, which I thought the insurance was going to pay, but
they say no, and I need some help. Thanks if anybody can help.
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