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Re: [IP] Insurance issues...cont

>  I live in TN and am currently with Stategic Outsourcing insurance,
>  under the
> First Health Network. When I ordered my supplies back in June, both
> Minimed and the Insurance Co. told me that it would be an 80-20
> deal, I would pay the 20% they didn't cover, which I did, and
> totaled $115. Now, when I need to order again, I got a bill for the
> remaining amount of $460, what they were supposed to pay for, but
> now they say (since I am under my Dad's insurance, as I am a college
> student) that I must first meet our family deductible of $1200, of
> which we have paid $600 for some of my Mom's bills. So, that means
> that I am left with the remaining $460 in full. Hope this helps find
> someone else who is or has been in my situatuion.
Yeah, that sounds like my insurance. We have a $2,000 individual 
deductible per person capped at $4,000 for the whole family. Lily has 
secondary insurance through the college that has low deductibles but 
doesn't pay a lot however, the cap it has just execeeds her 
deductible so it works out. Check into what your school offers and 
see if they have student medical. Most schools do and it is usually 
very reasonable. Both my college kids have it at the UC's and it runs 
about $600 per year -- well worth it.

We submit everything to our primary carrier BS/BC which bounces the 
first 2k for Lily and then we submit to the UC insurance which covers 
most of it less the co-pays. That wipes out the deductible for her 
for far less than her annual premium.

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