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[IP] driving with low blood sugar

Next month with mark my eighth year on the pump. I have done really
well with it, but last week had a frightening experience that I'd like
some input on.
Our son and I (he's 5) were spent the afternoon at the pumpkin farm -
about 15 miles from our home. I tested my BG about 45 min. before we
left - was at 88 and we proceeded home. He quickly was napping. I, on
the other hand, awoke in the back of an ambulance, near our home, with a
glucose IV in my arm. I had stopped at a traffic light, put on the
emergency brake and dozed off. I don't remember the last 10 miles of the
I do understand how this could have happened, lots of running around,
not enough to eat, etc. The part that concerns me is the vulnerability
of a 5 yr. old and his understanding of what's going on. This was the
first time e experienced the impact of my having low blood sugars. My
wife and I tried to explain to him what had happened, the basics, but,
what a fright for a little guy - though he does like police and fire
I feel horrible about what could have happened to him and me and anyone
else on the road. Any tips from parents, with diabetes, re: how to
prepare kids for what might happen, how to not put a small kid in the
position I did (driving or not). Thanks
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