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Re: [IP] wiggly metal arms

Hi Laura,

>>The little metal arm which comes down over the luer neck of the
reservoir has 
become quite wiggly and loose, rather than comfortingly firm. The two
arms which operate the reservoir's plunger are also loose and the
seems inclined to twist and move inside of its chamber<<

We too have a 507C which is currently sitting on a shelf while my
daughter (15) tries out the Paradigm for a few months.  The pieces that
you mention have been wiggly for a long time, which can make the
reservoir inside loose particularly is you are using 300 units of
insulin and the reservoir sticks out.  Some people resort to putting an
elastic around the pump.  Although we weren't aware of any problems as a
result of this, it doesn't mean there weren't any.  With a teenager,
sometimes you just can't explain the high sugars, but we have seen fewer
of the unexplained ones since using the Paradigm.  It may have to do
with the use of NovaRapid (novolog US) and the fact that the insulin is
delivered more frequently via the paradigm but we made a number of
changes around the time she started using the Paradigm so I can't say
with surety if it is the pump or the changes that made the difference.
While her 507C was under warranty there was a problem with the screen
and they fixed up the pump, they did not tighten any of the metal arms.

You raised a very interesting point. I will be watching the posts on
this one!

Barb Chafe
Mom to Erica, the Canadian butterfly
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